Laravel 7 came with a new feature, stub customisation. Stub customisation gives the ability to modify the stub files that are used when creating classes such as controllers and tests with the artisan make command. …

Hey, Do you have simple explanation for Prototypes today?

🤪 Kind of, It took me several days to simplify it as much as possible!!Hey, Do you know inheritance in any other language?

Yeah, I know about it. 🤓

Let's forget everything for now.. …

What is this Polyfill? and Why are you calling it friendly ghost?

😁 because it is!! It scares new people but people who know it loves it.

🤕 As far as I know, Only interviewers loves Polyfill. They ask lot of questions on that..

😅 What can i say now!!

How is this even possible?

😬 What happened?

I was trying one program yesterday, and see what happened…

Hey!! This is not an advanced javascript question and i doubt, is it a question at all?

Let me tell you the story today..

Aha!! I like stories 😍 !! I am listening.. 

It is technical story 😅 not the fairy-tail one !!

I can expect that only from you…

💬 Just thinking from where you are getting all these questions daily? 😅

😁 It is many times asked interview question.

Okay.Let's start with Bubbling.The bubbling principle is really simple.When an event happens on an element, it first runs the handlers on it, then on its parent…

😱 Are you hungry? hehehe

A bit!! hehe What is this function currying?

Do you know, What is bind and closure in Javascript?

No 😕

So let's understand bind first with simple example.

😱 OMG!! Today you came with really big question!!

🤪 Yeah, I know but I am ready, In the previous article you mentioned that you don’t know how javascript performs asynchronous tasks. do you know it now?

Yeah, I did research but it will be too much information.

I am…

Bhushan Gaikwad

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